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Creativity just got its own Currency

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Creativity just got its own Currency

Traditional business models have been screwing over Artists and Content Creators for generations

So much potential revenue is taken from you by Corporations who make billions of dollars exploiting your Content and Data. 

We have created a unique business model that enables the capture of previously lost revenue


    Own and monetise 100% of your Content, Engagement, Social Activity and Data.


    Support your favourite Creators and earn from it.


    Invest and Support all Creators on our platform by just holding the community Cryptocurrency $ANTT


    Existing organisations and companies can keep their identities and take part in the larger shared economy.


Our Vision is to be the world’s most inclusive and diverse home for Creatives


Build your profile and upload your portfolio, connect and collaborate with other members, participate in the community governance, check your finances and much, much more...


You now have your very own online storefront where you can sell your services, products and NFTs. You can also buy and share your favorite pieces from fellow Anthill members.


We give you a Universal Contribution Income in proportion to your participation on the platform (engage, invest, stake, create content, govern). The more you contribute, the more you Earn.


A team of Ants are always hunting job opportunities and potential projects. Your next project can come to you. Spend more time creating and less time hustling your next move.


Get together to create, collaborate, and explore new ideas. We are designing our spaces to foster human connection, spark meaningful collaborations, and unlock the full potential within our community.


When using our platform we collect evidence of your work so when you have enough experience, you can receive a qualification up to PhD level for a fifth of the price.


The ANT TOKEN ($ANTT) can be swapped/exchanged for traditional money at any time. This is a utility token that is used for governance, as a medium of exchange, to pay rewards, and for purchasing products and services in our Marketplace.

+10% APY

The Ant Token gains value over time, thanks to our algorithm the Ant Token gains 10% a year of its value. This gives us increasing purchasing power and overcomes inflation, making it better than any other fiat currency out there ($ £ € etc).


Earn Passive Income by taking part in the Liquidity Pool, earn an extra 5% by Staking the ANT Token, lend and borrow cryptos, and invest in creative projects run by other ANTHILL members, colonies and community projects.

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