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The first decentralised talent network for the Creative Industry

A unique platform where top independent artists and forward-thinking brands come together to create extraordinary bespoke content.

Connecting Talent & Brands

Forge Valuable Connections
Anthill bridges the gap between independent artists and top brands, making it easier than ever to connect, collaborate, and create exceptional content. Join our diverse and inclusive community and elevate your career or brand.

Creative Hub & Venue

Collaborate in Inspiring Spaces
Unlock the full potential of collaboration with access to our shared studios, coworking and venue space designed for creatives. Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and work on projects in environments that foster innovation and creativity.

Mentorship & Funding

Empower Creatives with Guidance & Resources
Anthill supports emerging talents by offering mentorship and funding opportunities. Our platform's community helps nurture creative growth by providing invaluable guidance, resources, and decentralised crowdfunding. Bring your ideas to life with the support of a thriving network.

Management tools

Simplify Project Management
Effortlessly manage your projects, track progress, and communicate effectively with clients or talent through Anthill's intuitive platform. Our user-friendly interface streamlines the process of connecting, hiring, and collaborating for both artists and brands.

Who is Anthill for

Artists, Creators and Industry Professionals
  • Global network of brands and projects
  • Transparent and efficient payments
  • Royalty and IP protection
  • Skill and reputation verification
  • Seamless team building & collaboration tools
  • Platform governance and funding opportunities
From colossal brands to Individuals. Anthill caters to all!
  • Access to top talents and creators
  • Streamlined project management
  • Secure IP licensing
  • Decentralized creative resources
  • Trust and reputation through verification
  • Platform governance and funding opportunities

Discover our ecosystem and the Power of Decentralised Collaboration


Set up your own personalised online storefront to showcase and sell your unique services, products, and NFTs. It's never been easier to share your creations with the world and build your brand as a successful creator.


Our dedicated team of Ants is always on the lookout for new job opportunities and potential projects, so you can focus on what you do best - creating. Say goodbye to hustling for your next move and hello to more time for creativity.


Transform your creative collaborations and take charge of your projects. Smart contracts seamlessly automate agreements, payments, and deliverables, providing you with the security and transparency you deserve.


Our innovative decentralised identity verification system guarantees trust and transparency, enabling you to establish meaningful connections. Unlock a world of opportunities in our vibrant community.


Protect your rights and royalties with our NFT-based IP management system. Mint, sell, and trade NFTs representing your work and earn royalties every time your creations are used, licensed, or resold.


Power your creative journey with the $ANTT Token. Use $ANTT for transactions, earn rewards through staking, participate in platform governance, and access premium features.

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A little bit of love from our early adopters​

Anthill is changing my relationship to what I find valuable. It is helping me focus on what I feel is important to me. It is helping me value every action, and brings me back to a place of appreciating the creation of life.

Luna Parker, Photographer/Director

Anthill is the future, but also, a way to have your skills and talents feel properly valued, and a way to empower ourselves within a community who seek a common goal

Adam Protz, Musician/Composer​

Anthill is an opportunity to create the world I want to live in. A ground-breaking opportunity to set up a structure of mutual aid, change perspectives, and effectively support others while supporting myself.

Meredith Adelaide, Interdisciplinary Artist​