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Anthill is a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem designed to empower you on your journey to success.

Discover a world of opportunities, collaboration, and innovation. Our platform is designed to empower you with a transparent, secure, and efficient ecosystem where you can showcase your work, connect with brands, and monetise your creations.

Global Network of Brands and Projects

Join a thriving community of talents and brands, offering endless opportunities to collaborate, learn, and grow. Find projects and commissions tailored to your unique skills, interests, and preferences.

Collaboration & Team Building Tools

Competing with the best agencies out there requires a top-performing team. That's why we provide you with the tools to build and manage your dream team at every job.

Governance & Funding Opportunities

Make your voice heard by participating in Anthill's platform governance. Stake $ANTT, vote on proposals, ask for funding and help shape the future of our creative ecosystem.

Skill and Reputation Verification

Boost your credibility with our decentralised identity verification system. Showcase your skills, work history, and reputation on your talent profile, giving brands confidence in your abilities.

Transparent and Efficient Payments

Say goodbye to delayed payments and hidden fees. Our platform uses smart contracts and the Creative Synergy Token (CST) to automate transactions, ensuring you get paid fairly and on time.

Royalty and IP Protection

Protect your intellectual property rights and secure royalties with our NFT-based IP management system. Mint, sell, and trade NFTs representing your work and earn royalties every time your creations are used, licensed, or resold.

How it works

1 - Create Your Talent Profile

Sign up and complete your talent profile, showcasing your skills, portfolio, and ratings. Our decentralised identity verification system ensures trust and transparency.

2 - Explore Opportunities

Browse and filter jobs, projects, commissions, and partnerships based on your unique skills, interests, and preferences. Connect with brands and creatives from around the world.

3 - Build Your Team

Use our smart contracts, team building and collaboration tools to work seamlessly with brands and creatives. Deliver outstanding work, grow your reputation, and build lasting relationships.

4 - Monetise Your Work

Mint, sell, and trade NFTs representing your creations. Secure your royalties and earn passive income every time your work is used, licensed, or resold.

5 - Participate in Governance & Funding

Stake $ANTT, vote on proposals, contribute to platform governance and ask for funding. Help shape the future of Anthill and the creative industry.

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