Ignite Your Creative Journey in Our Vibrant Hub and Venue

A pulsating hub where talent and brands converge to celebrate innovation and artistic expression

Opening in London, UK soon

Unleash Your Creativity

Experience a stimulating coworking and shared studio space that transforms into a dynamic venue for exclusive events and awe-inspiring performances.

Inspiring Collaborative Workspaces

Embrace the synergy of our flexible, open-concept workspaces, specifically designed to spark collaboration across disciplines. Private studios and dedicated workstations cater to your unique creative needs.

Showcase Your Masterpieces

Let your work shine in our versatile exhibition and performance spaces, providing a platform for exposure and connecting you with potential clients and collaborators.

Forge Lasting Connections

Expand your creative horizons through regular networking events, workshops, and panel discussions. Learn from industry experts, share ideas, and form valuable connections with like-minded professionals.

Empower Your Talent and Brand

Take center stage at our regular talent and brand showcases, designed to promote our members and present their work and services to potential clients and collaborators.

Learn from the Best

Engage with renowned artists from various disciplines through our Artist-in-Residence Program, fostering collaboration, inspiration, and learning in a truly immersive environment.

Exclusive Venue

Make a lasting impression by hosting private events, product launches, or workshops in our member-exclusive venues, providing a unique setting for personal and professional gatherings.

Why Anthill?

For Talent
Artists, Creators and Industry Professionals
  • Access to unparalleled facilities and resources
  • Collaborate and network in an inspiring environment
  • Showcase your work and elevate your exposure
  • Benefit from mentorship and support programs
For Brands
Colossal brands or Individuals Anthill caters to all!
  • Connect with a diverse and talented creative pool
  • Discover collaboration and partnership opportunities
  • Boost brand visibility through showcases and events
  • Delight in exclusive venue rental options

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A little bit of love from our early adopters​

Anthill is changing my relationship to what I find valuable. It is helping me focus on what I feel is important to me. It is helping me value every action, and brings me back to a place of appreciating the creation of life.

Luna Parker, Photographer/Director

Anthill is the future, but also, a way to have your skills and talents feel properly valued, and a way to empower ourselves within a community who seek a common goal

Adam Protz, Musician/Composer​

Anthill is an opportunity to create the world I want to live in. A ground-breaking opportunity to set up a structure of mutual aid, change perspectives, and effectively support others while supporting myself.

Meredith Adelaide, Interdisciplinary Artist​