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Let's take back ownership!
For Talent
Artists, Creators and Industry Professionals
  • Global network of brands and projects
  • Transparent and efficient payments
  • Royalty and IP protection
  • Skill and reputation verification
  • Seamless team building & collaboration tools
  • Platform governance and funding opportunities
For Brands
Colossal brands or Individuals Anthill caters to all!
  • Access to top talents and creators
  • Streamlined project management
  • Secure IP licensing
  • Decentralized creative resources
  • Trust and reputation through verification
  • Platform governance and funding opportunities

A little bit of love from our early adopters​

Anthill is changing my relationship to what I find valuable. It is helping me focus on what I feel is important to me. It is helping me value every action, and brings me back to a place of appreciating the creation of life.

Luna Parker, Photographer/Director

Anthill is the future, but also, a way to have your skills and talents feel properly valued, and a way to empower ourselves within a community who seek a common goal

Adam Protz, Musician/Composer​

Anthill is an opportunity to create the world I want to live in. A ground-breaking opportunity to set up a structure of mutual aid, change perspectives, and effectively support others while supporting myself.

Meredith Adelaide, Interdisciplinary Artist​