Newsletter #11 PHASE 3 Community Growth

Hello fellow Ants.

Summer has finally arrived and with it our PHASE 3 – Community Growth –  has started!


Our new Landing Page and the Documentation (whitepaper) page for you to contribute on: 

The Team is constantly growing! We are proud and excited to introduce you to:

Ryan Richards: Chief Branding Ant

He’s the Ant behind our new Social Media Campaign. Ryan is a Brand Strategist for the world’s greatest brands, Record Label owner, Documentarist and incubator founder.

Obi Williams: Digital Strategist/Advertising Ant

He has worked for major brands which include Coca Cola, GSK, Skittles, Reebok, BMW, and more. Obi is also a renowned Content Producer and a Documentary Filmmaker.

We have just launched our new social media campaign, don’t forget to like, share and comment on our stunning posts IG: @wetheanthill

We’ll be posting about you soon, so please let us know if you DON’T want to be featured. 

Here are some examples of what will be involved:


In Phase 3 we will be focussing on Community growth. It is finally time we all come together to build what we’ve been talking about for almost 2 years.


  • Monthly ONLINE Events, Monthly IN PERSON Meet-Ups (London)
  • Social Media Activation
  • NFT/Referral/Ranking/Lottery
  • Community Activation
  • Discord (Discussion Channel) Activation

If you are not in London and want to have MeetUps in your city, please let us know and we’ll do our best to support you in any way possible.


You are personally invited to our next two events:

4th July (Online) Global Meet-Up


  • Updates on Social Media Campaign
  • Fundraise Roadmap and Updates
  • Lottery and Referral Program Q&A
  • Community re-activation (Discord)

9th July (IN PERSON – London) 

  • 1:30pm London Trans Pride – meet at Wellington Arch, W1J 7JZ
  • From 5pm – Meet-Up “Drinks and Hangout” – 91 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL

We are also planning Online Workshops and Panels. If you want us to cover a specific topic/s, please contact us on:

These are exciting times for us all. 

We look forward to working Together and finally re-design the Creators’ economy, the way it is supposed to be.


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